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Beauty and Her Feast: Foodie Kids

Check out Lucie's suggestions on what to eat at bellyQ & Urban Belly:

"Lucie, age 11, has a hard time narrowing down which dish at Belly Q (1400 W. Randolph) or UrbanBelly (1400 W. Randolph) is her number one. It’s a tossup between the Thai style fried chicken with sweet chili and lime and the pork and cilantro potstickers with soy-balsamic sauce and pickled cabbage because of 'all the different flavors.'"

Read the rest of the Sun-Times Splash article:

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"I love anything that Bill Kim does"

Kind words from Paul Kahan! 

"Kahan: “[It’s] a great Asian noodle shop attached to sister restaurant BellyQ -- an upscale Korean BBQ concept. I love anything that Bill Kim does.”
What To Get: The marinated eggplant with Thai basil and crispy shallots, and a Phat Rice bowl with ground chicken, pork belly, and Wagyu beef short ribs."

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